Stop and smell
the heavenly baked goods

Baking life
more beautiful

Happiness is having your cake
and eating it too

Bite-sized yummylicious cakes!

Stop and smell
the heavenly baked goods

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Silkiness of dark gooey chocolate ganache, crumble of chewy, light cookies, crispiness of flaky puffs or saltiness of savory biscuits – whatever your taste buds are craving for, can be found right here at Cakewala.


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Cakewala Chocolates

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Forgot to buy a cake for your anniversary or missed a close friend’s birthday? We got your back. Get a delicious cake of any flavour at our stores in just 30 minutes.

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See your cake coming to life, from scratch, right in front of your eyes!


Top dollar for our cakes and pastries? Let us surprise you!

Top Notch Hygiene

From the pantry to the kitchen to the shop floor; there is no compromise on hygiene!

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