About Cakewala.
The story.

The brand Cakewala was started in the year 2011 and we have four branches in Bangalore. Cakewala is a bakery which created a big wave in the industry. Cakewala is a European style bakery with all the machinaries used in production imported from Europe. Cakewala biggest USP is the live kitchen which it has in each of its outlets. Customers can see the production live of both cakes and savouries. The product range is designed to satisfy the pallet of the local taste.

Cakewala is a brain child of its founder and Chairman G Srinivas Rao.

Why did he think of Cakewala?

Changing trends, change in the pattern of demand, globalisation of food, people requirement/ importance from price centric to quality and hygiene centric made GSR to bring in a new concept in bakery field in the form of Cakewala

What is Cakewala spl about?

Using European technology and catering it to the requirement of local pallet of the people in an hygienic environment with live kitchens with all this making the products affordable and reaching to all segments of people is what Cakewala all about.

What European technology?

At Cakewala all the production related machinaries are imported from Europe the main reason being the bakery products one of origins is europe and Europe is one of the biggest consumers of bakery products in the world. With all this background they are the innovators of all the machinaries related to bakery. They prepare the machinaries according to the requirement of product and hence their machinaries technology comes with lot of R N D. With this we use European machinates for all our production activities.

USP of Cakewala

  • Live Kitchen
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Hygiene
  • Air-conditioned Outlets
  • Best Sourced Raw materials

How is Cakewala different from other bakeries?

  • We make regular cakes in 30 Mins
  • Design Cakes in 3 Hrs
  • Creative Cakes in 6 Hrs
  • We bake savouries within 1 hour from the order
  • We make almost all the products fresh in front of the customers through live kitchen
  • All our production activity is done under a temperature controlled room.

Raw materials Used in Cakewala

  • Best brands Rm available in market
  • Some key ingredients are sourced from Europe
  • We use trans fat free oil, butter and margarine in our products
  • We use RO water for all our manufacturing products

It was in his early teens that visionary Sri G. Srinivasa Rao started a small bakery in the district Cuddapah, Andhra Pradesh. Founded in 1976, Mayura Group was way ahead of its times and set new benchmarks in the industry. Mr. Rao’s constant experiment in the food sector and his unique innovations and ideas put his venture into fifth gear. He traveled the world in search of the latest processing technology and visited numerous F&B exhibitions for state-of-art equipment. A man with a plan; he didn’t rest until the very best was found.

Passion combined with business acumen and keen insights has led to the success story that the Mayura Group is today. And from its humble background then, to an innovative European style bakery and a chain of different eateries today (thirteen brands to be exact!), Mayura Group has definitely come a long way.

Here is a look at some of our distinctive brands